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A chat with Aasmund Lunds

What was Aasmund Lund's first impression when he came to Italy to visit our company?
We had a chat with him.

Look the interview to find out how we have supported him in the creation of innovative and custom rides.

A chat with Heiner Distel

It was 2007 when we delivered , to the Distel family in Germany, something really innovative and impressive:

The first traveling amusement ride with RGB lights.
Creating spectacular effects, and even more importantly real energy savings.
How did the authorities react to it? And how did it go?

A chat with Renato Fuentes

This is a collaboration that has been going on for over 20 years now.

What has made the relationship with this family last as long as it has?
We asked Renato directly in this short interview!

A chat with Ernest Yale

Turkey, China, France, and Canada are a few of the locations where we have developed projects with Triotech.

Thanks to advancements in technology, distance is not a factor in doing business anymore.
STILL, there is one thing that innovation cannot replace and Ernest confessed to us that he would gladly, without guilt, steal it from us.
Here's what he has to say:


All the projects carried out by Gosetto are exceptionally personalized and themed.

The process of Gosetto is linear and simple. During the initial phase, we listen to all the customer's wishes and analyze them carefully.

This is followed by the conception phase where solutions are identified capable of combining spectacularism and feasibility to best interpret the customer’s idea.

Just like a designer, Gosetto works to deliver a tailor-made attraction to the customer.

We always put ourselves to the test

Before delivery to the customer, we check the structure and then proceed with the final tests of the attraction mounted in our premises.

We analyze it to ensure perfect success both in terms of aesthetics and reliability. Only after successfully passing all our tests the attractions are ready to reach the best amusement parks in the world.

For total safety, a final test is also carried out on site.

We have great cards to play

Our attractions are entirely made in the province of Treviso so 100% Made in Italy, a guarantee that combines the tradition of high craftsmanship blended with creative ingenuity and innovation.

Technologically advanced, they are subjected to the most rigid control procedures of each individual component and therefore certified.

Our ride in the attraction is the satisfied customer

Customer satisfaction is our obsession.

To do this we are committed to ensuring maximum flexibility and customization in the design of the attraction, strict compliance with delivery times, compliance with the standard requirements required in the international arena, a punctual telephone and remote technical assistance.




The right answer to every question

Gosetto has made customer care its strong point, to respond quickly and in timely to any customer need.

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