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The beginnings

Voyager 1 spacecraft departs from the launch pad in cape Canaveral in Florida.
The Nasa mission goal is the exploration of the outer solar system.
That same year, in the hills north of the Piave at the heart of the province of Treviso, Gosetto's adventure in the world of Luna Park began.
The goal of the Italian company is to create original attractions of the highest quality able to fascinate and captivate adults, teenagers and children.
Space travel and Luna Park. Two realities so far from each other, united by a shared yearning for technological innovation and discovery.

Over the years, ingenuity and passion have driven Gosetto to achieve great goals and obtain important professional awards, thanks to their undisputable craftsmanship. They have also managed to preserve the same pioneering spirit with which the young Elio Gosetto began his journey in the field of attractions and mechanical carpentry.

The art of

It was 1958 when that enterprising and bright young man began to master and love "the art of iron", delighting in making, with his own hands, a wide variety of wrought iron objects for relatives and friends.
He was only 13 years old when he began to earn the trust of the owners of a company which worked in the field of rides. First handling the painting of bumpers, ghost trains and horse carousels and later their assembly.

His passion for wrought iron and the discovery of the phantasmagoric world of rides convince Elio Gosetto that this is the right way to go and he takes his brother Valentino on this "journey" with him.
The means available at the time were few and far between but his desire to get on was great.


On January 1, 1977 in Sernaglia della Battaglia (TV) the company Gosetto came to life. The adventure began with a work kit including just a small welding machine, a wire cutter saw, a hand drill and an emery grinding wheel.

Their work with wrought iron was soon abandoned: they dedicated themselves to traveling shows. The first alliances with some Venetian showmen came about. The first two jobs carried out by the newborn company were a go-kart track and a rodeo for a fixed park. The exciting voyage of the Gosetto brothers had really begun. During the early years of activity the most successful product, that made Gosetto famous throughout Italy was the go-kart track.

Once the construction is completed, each attraction is mounted and tested in the company. A practice strictly followed even today to guarantee the customer a functional and secure product. Gosetto has always focused completely on the concept of quality making it the company philosophy.

The company continued to grow and at the end of the 80s the new headquarters in Moriago della Battaglia (TV) were built.

The most
iconic ride
since 1989

In 1989 the Gosettos decided to build, almost as an gamble, the first dodgem (bumper car) on trailer. This attraction was built before a client had been found but it was sold, almost immediately, in Austria. So, thanks to their genial intuition, Gosetto produced, for the first time, the ride that would go on to make them famous all over the world.

The international market opened up for Gosetto, a platform for the continuous search for original and innovative products. Over the years, more and more important commissions would come in.

The Gosetto rides are now scattered all over the world: from the Far East of Bangkok and Taipei, to Argentina and South America, where in Venezuela alone, Gosetto is present with over 25 attractions for adults and children.

Another classic international product of Gosetto are their Fun Houses, labyrinths on one or more floors with winding paths literally studded with tricks for the public. Great fun for all ages, available both in the version for fixed and traveling parks. It’s a type of ride that for Gosetto, oriented towards the market segment of rides for the family, is an absolute must.

Entering the world of
funhouse and darkride
since 2005

It all began in 2007 with the first Fun House, the New York New York. A 4-storey promenade which houses 36 marvelous games and once mounted reaches the dimensions of 12.5 meters in height, 26 meters in length and 7 in depth.

Over the following years the success of the Fun House by Gosetto continued to grow from Australia to France, from Finland to Mexico.

All the projects carried out by Gosetto are exceptionally personalized and themed. The process of Gosetto is linear and simple. During the initial phase, we listen to all the customer's wishes and analyze them carefully. This is followed by the conception phase where solutions are identified capable of combining spectacularism and feasibility to best interpret the customer’s idea. Just like a designer, Gosetto works to deliver a tailor-made attraction to the customer.

The story of the Gosetto brothers is undoubtedly made of passion, determination, foresight and confidence in their own means but also of brilliant intuition and great courage. Gosetto loves rising to new challenges which really bring out the best in the company.

Make the memories
of a lifetime

One of the biggest challenges came about when in the 2005 Gosetto decided to launch into the world of Dark Rides, one of the oldest types of attractions in the world and an evergreen presence in both traveling and fixed amusement parks,: the dark ride. Generally an indoor structure and with a shadowy path characterized by special effects (visual, sound, animations, fumes, etc. etc.). The effects are not necessarily scary, they can also be used to great effect to tell a story or present something educational or imaginative. There are various systems with which people can venture along these paths, sometimes with vehicles resting on rails, or on small boats towed on the surface of the water.
The magical world of Dark Rides has found in Gosetto an excellent new protagonist and the company has received awards and been gratified with other prestigious assignments and spectacular successes.

With this journey through time we have presented a brief history of Gosetto and through the evolution of its attractions we have retraced its growth.

The generations that have succeeded each other at the helm of the Moriago della battaglia society know perfectly well on which irreplaceable heritage the past, present and even future success of Gosetto is founded: human capital.

That fabulous and in some ways indescribable set of skills, emotions, experiences and shared values that keep a group of people together and make them work well with each other.

This is why the story of Gosetto cannot be summarized with simple numbers but rather described as a large family group photo where, beyond the roles played, salient features are recognized: passion, sharing, common interest.

"We know no better cause than to do well what we do and to continue to do it."


The right answer to every question

Gosetto has made customer care its strong point, to respond quickly and in timely to any customer need.

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