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4 Seats

Our 4 seat car (in one or two row) is the more common size use in a park, it suits indoor or outdoor situations in amusement parks, museums or a people mover (as a single transportation or as a train).

We can also supply

  • speed changes along the path (acceleration and deceleration) to produce a greater thrilling effect and also to increase the capacity
  • unlimited rotations of the body can be studied in the design with the possibility to be changed later on.
  • various levels for more suspense of waiting downhill (so you never know when it will end and what will happen next)
  • banking of the track to improve the adrenaline of instability and fear of falling suddenly
  • all fire retardant fiberglass bodies can be customized making the cars suit all kinds of different themes.

For greater customization and to make the visitor an integral part of the storytelling, we can also equip our cars with sounds, vibrations on the seat, touch (a fake touch on the back) and interactivity.

The gondolas are always equipped with a restraint system that operates automatically.

In all our types of dark ride cars we can install interactive systems creating a multimedia experience.


Vehicle typeN. of seatsRail typePossibility of developing on different levelsBending availableVehicle detailsVehicle fiberglass bodySpeedVehicle on board optionals
Standard4 adults (in one or 2 rows)Dual rail and monorail pipeYesYesWith or without rotationFully customizable in fire-resistantVariable, usual value 0,5-1,2m/s Electric “tricks”:
Vibrating seats
Air “tricks”
Air blow
Scary finger

Watch: PARK MODEL - 4 seats


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