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Dracula's Castle

Dracula Castle, is a Dark Ride studied to be really compact, all assembled in one 16 m long semitrailer (animatronics, cars, façade etc.)

It is developed in 2 levels a straight uphill and a downhill (with magnetic brakes) using 6 cars, which seat 2 adults and 1 child.

The total length of the path including the station and uphill and downhill is 70 m of monorail.

The façade is in fiberglass and it is completely foldable in the main semitrailer.

It’s really fast and easy to assemble and maintain, an impressive and extremely attractive façade which reaches 11 m of height.


Vehicle typeN. of seats per vehicleN. of vehicleRail typePath lengthLevelsDimension
Standard2 seats adults + 1 child6Monorail pipeAbout 70 m221 m (L) x 10,5 m (W) x 11 m (H)


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