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Turnkey Solution

The Dark Ride is a classic attraction for families in which, various transportation systems follow a path in the shadows with high level scenography and possible animatronics, interactive screens and different types of special effects.

From a construction point of view, it is undoubtedly one of the most complex attractions that can be found in a park. It combines various specializations to allow an infinity of customization:

  • scenography
  • lighting systems
  • special effects
  • transportation system
  • building
  • sounds
  • video effects
  • underground systems

At Gosetto we take care of all the aspects listed above. We truly specialize in customizing and tailoring every Dark Ride to every customers’ specific wishes.

For Global Village we developed the Dark Ride "Transylvania Towers", with the aim of making the guests’ experience terrifyingly memorable.

The building is completely built in construction steel, the transportation system is based on 12 suspended cars and customized scenography is developed in detail according to the specific needs of the customer to have a classic ghost train but with a storyboard that dictates the guidelines of the most modern dark ride.

Another example is the Dark Ride called “Treno Fantasma” in Ankara.

An impressive Dark Ride with its 3 levels, all made in Gosetto from the building to the imposing fiberglass façade, from the transportation system with 12 standard cars (2 seats) and it 250 mt of path, customized scenography made to create a scary experience for the visitors.


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