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It all began in 2007 when we built the first FunHouse starting immediately with the largest model:

A FunHouse on 4-levels, 28mt long, on only 2 trailers.

Almost 15 years have passed and in this period of time we have specialized in FunHouses developing various types with different characteristics:

  • 2, 3 or 4 floors
  • with mirrors
  • with innovative tricks
  • water effects
  • all uniquely customized.

Owners of funhouses fully understand the potential of this family ride which always gets important results.

This year, perhaps due to the desire to be together, our rides have really reached great levels and in only the month of October, 3 of our latest FunHouses  have really taken off:

NewYork NewYork, 4 levels, at Texas State Fair, one of the most important fairs in the United States, made a new record: 8.500 people riding on only one day …and it was a Monday!! 

Atlantic, 2 levels, compact, fast and moveable on a single semi-trailer, was ranked as 3rd most popular ride at Maryland State Fair

Après Ski Party, 4 levels, the first FunHouse in the world with a double toboggan (which cuts the wait and the queue to enter the slide, increasing the hourly capacity even more), has opened for the first time at Kermis Kilversum 2021.

Without doubt a strong demonstration that Fun Houses are a winning weapon able to entertain everyone from the youngest to the oldest and thus become the protagonist of the park that hosts it -a successful ride, a trump card, ready to entertain everyone: FROM CHILDREN TO ADULTS.

How is this success possible?

FunHouses are special  attractions, where visitors go in and move around autonomously.

They follow paths animated by many obstacles and sometimes unpredictable circumstances that allow people to experience the ride in a totally unique way, enticing them to take many rides.

It’s an impressive attraction that attracts a lot of clients. When you see it, it is impossible to resist: the rotating barrel, the rolling carpet, the rotating cylinders and others, are tricks that immediately jump out at you and everyone wants a go.

Another strong point of this ride is its great hourly capacity: on occasions more than 800 people per hour went on which is totally incredible!

Our travelling Fun Houses in USA

The first one, which reached the American coast, was built in 2016: the NewYork NewYork, mentioned above.

A FunHouse on 4 levels with 26 tricks inside on 2 semitrailers.

The huge success achieved in such a short time convinced the owner to order more tricks to lengthen the path right up to the exit after only one year.

One way to make it even more fun for everyone who has a go!

Even today, though it’s a few years old, it’s still very popular and the number of daily riders is mind-blowing.

In 2017 we built a FunHouse for a fixed park but still trailer mounted, so in case of hurricanes it’s easier to close and dismantle, since the park is located on the Atlantic Ocean, Playland’s Castaway Cove in New Jersey .

This is a three-level Golden Galleon Fun House, and it is Gosetto’s second attraction ride for this park.

In 2020 another FunHouse reached America: the 2-level NewYork NewYork, delivered in 2020 right before the start of the pandemic to a traveling park that needed a fast, compact ride on a single semi-trailer.

Although it is the smaller version, it contains numerous games and the rotating barrel, rolling carpet, air puffs and slide toboggan ending are certainly not missing.

Shortly afterwards we also made Atlantis, sister of the previous NewYork NewYork but with other possibilities and her own path layout. The path inside is totally different and contains as just as many tricks.

This ride, as mentioned earlier, ranked third in the state of Maryland.

What’s going on?

We are working on FunHouse  models being faster and more compact because it is easy to install and transport around the fairs, and it fits perfectly even in small spaces!

With the most popular features like toboggan, rotating barrel, rotating carpet and pull-out with 2 floors, it ensures an exciting experience for your customer who certainly won’t stop at just one ride.

☑ Fair dimensions: 14 m (L) x 6 m (W) x 6.5 m

☑ Regular semitrailer size 9 mt long

Do you want to see with your own eyes how many people a FunHouse attracts?

Don’t miss Orlando’s exhibition.  

A perfect opportunity to learn more about our FunHouse in America.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing you from the 16th to the 19th of November at  IAAPA to discover all our news and products.

See you there!

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