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A fantastic journey immersed in fun packed entertainment.

Accompanied by interactive tricks and optical illusions that surprise at every curve, following paths of overwhelming fun.

Each Fun House Gosetto is designed to conquer everyone, young people, adults, children, families.

Simple and easy maintenance, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, fully customizable in structure, setting and special effects.
Fun House is pure entertainment, organized and made to perfection to ensure maximum hourly capacity.

Park Model

The Fun House Park Model, is a version of the ride that it is designed as a permanent fixture for outdoor and indoor use.

We could have a standard path or a completely new path that could:

  • be customized to suit the customers’ needs and available space.
  • be available on different levels ending with a wonderful toboggan
  • contain a Huge range of different tricks to choose from based on the size and the theming to create a unforgettable experience.

It is an absolutely easy to maintain ride that always works.
We can supplied a turnkey solution that includes:

  • steel building structure with floor and if necessary the roof
  • set of Tricks complete with all safety requirements, included the main electric board
  • façade
  • inside decoration/theming/figures

This is absolutely a timeless ride.


The Fun House is a ride where the whole family or a group of friends take part together, interacting with various effects, designed to surprise, challenge, and amuse, moving around, following a fun filled and well-articulated path.

A really popular ride always working for you.
No loading/unloading losses of time, accessible to the whole family and young teenagers, with a huge hourly capacity potential.

A walk-through experience, composed of different tricks and/or different floors, where guests interact among themselves and have fun with no long time wasting queues, they just keep coming back again and again.

  • new thrilling and interactive experience
  • easy maintenance
  • contain a huge range of different tricks to choose from based on the size and the theming to create a unforgettable experience.
  • for indoor and outdoor use, for a fixed park or travelling funfair
  • immersive
  • fully customized in floors, tricks and theming
  • Your guests will experience something new












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