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1 Level

The fun house is a winning mix of:

  • A high capacity ride
  • The scare and suspense effects that usually only a Dark Ride can give (for those of you who like the horror theme)
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Compact design, everything on one standard semitrailer composed from one main container and a pull out

For us it was important to show that even a traveling ride, such as the Horror Hotel, can be themed and built to a high standard finish, like rides for fixed amusement parks.

As well as its thrilling exterior, which catches the eye of all different types of visitors, it looks as if it’s been made of real two hundred year old stone, the façade is completely made in fiberglass, but it is also possible to create an aluminum airbrush painted facade.

In this Themed Horror Hotel, guests are first welcomed in a dark reception, they then pass through the other rooms like bedrooms, bathrooms and even a library. However it would not be a real Horror Hotel, if the visitors were not lead to a secret room or a prison. That passage will take place through a rotating barrel. This visual illusion will give our guests a next level experience.

Moving figures, videos, decorated interior walls, outstanding acoustics inside the rooms and some special Fun House tricks in each room, make the Horror Hotel a special interactive journey. Every little detail has been based on the storyboard.

So in this particular case we have created a mixture of fun house and dark ride special effects, but it could be easily theme as the more classic fun house.


Semitrailer longTrick insideDimension
16 m16 effects inside18 m (L) x 6 m (W) x 9 m (H)


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