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2 Levels

Our 2 stories tall fun house is a custom-themed walkthrough containing from 16 to 20 different kind of tricks, included rotating barrel, toboggan, vibrating footboard, rolling carpet.

The 2 story version offers faster set up and take down.

The fun house can have a hot galvanized truck chassis and the complete structure, stainless steel fences, stainless steel electric board and aluminum façade.

This adds to the longevity of the fun house units. The upper façade is mounted on the top of the container and is hydraulic foldable in 2 pieces. There is also a big balcony on the second level.

All it is closed in one 16 m long semitrailer.


Semitrailer longTrick insideDimension
16 mFrom 12 to 2517/19/21 m (L) x 6 m (W) x 9 m (H)


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