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3 Levels

The fun house on 3 levels is an amusement attraction in which the complete family actively experience various tricks, designed to surprise, challenge, and amuse.

The whole family or a group of friends enter and move around, following a fun filled and well-articulated path, ending with a wonderful 3 level slide.

Everything is built up to be assembled on one 16 m long semitrailer, but probably to have faster assembly and not over fill the main semitrailer, it needs a small loading trailer.

We suggest including between 17 and 25 different kind of tricks, to create a memorable and fun packed experience for the all visitors.


Semitrailer longTrick insideDimension
16 mFrom 16 to 2517/19/21 m (L)x 6 m (W) x 10 m (H)


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