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4 Levels

The 4 levels Fun house trailer mounted is a ride based on 1 container fixed on the main 16 m long semitrailer and 2 telescopic containers moving up using the hydraulic system and a walking area on the top of the second telescopic container.

It is the highest Fun House in our range and the ride that has most tricks inside, creating an amazing interactive experience for all the guests from the teenager and to the whole family. There is always the option to do or not do the tricks inside.

The ride is assembled on one main semitrailer and a loading trailer or we can use the loading trailer as part of the fun house to make it bigger and install some more tricks to create a longer path.


Semitrailer longTrick insideDimension
16 m Or N 1 _16 m long + N 1 _ 8 mFrom 21 to 4020/23/30 m (L) x 7.5 m (W) x 12 m (H)


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