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Magic Tree: The carousel is the most traditional ride, with its simple platform that revolves around a central column and figures that move up and down. In today’s world, with computer games and interactivity, it is natural to wonder if there is a way of modernizing the concept of the carousel, to develop it into an interactive attraction.

The answer is yes, the interactive carousel called “Magic Tree”. Aimed mainly at a public aged between 4-12 years and made up of 12 gondolas, in the shape of a nutshell, each accommodating two children or one adult + one child.
The platform is rotating and moves around a tree in which various animals live: every time a passenger strikes one of them in the centre, it sets off a sound, or light or makes a movement.

The animals have to be aimed at with a type of magic wand, in order to bring them to life. Meanwhile the co-pilot takes over the steering of the gondola in the right direction.
Should the customer so desire a score card can also be installed in the gondola.


Height Restriction:Dimensions:SeatsType
90cm minimum, accompanied
105cm not accompanied
7m (L) x 7m (W) x 3,8m (H)24Park model

Watch: KIDDIE RIDES - Magic Tree


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