What else will 2021 bring us? The New Year started with two traveling Fun Houses in the engineering stage, both for the European Market.

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The Fun house is a ride where the whole family or a group of friends actively interact with various effects, designed to surprise, challenge, and amuse, moving around, following a funny and well-articulated path.

The first fun house, called New York New York ,was built by Gosetto in 2007 for a traveling showman on 2 semitrailers with a floor size: 26 x 6.5 x 11 meters (l w h).
Since then we certainly haven’t been standing still and are proud to present our LATEST NEWS!!!

In 2020 we delivered two fun houses for the US market, both compact, easy and really fast to assemble on a regular 16 mt long semitrailer.

The first one, the New York New York, has been delivered to Ray Cammack Shows and has already opened in Houston.

The second one, has been delivered to Deggeller Attractions with an unique and special theme: Atlantics, and it will be presented at the Gibsonton Expo this coming February 16-19, 2021.

Even if the funhouses look the same from the outside with identical dimensions, Gosetto is proposing the 2 different versions for both unique and surprising effects. Both funhouses will officially become part of our range of products.

In September 2020 we also introduced a New and Spectacular Mirror Maze. In addition to the well-known standard maze we again wanted to introduce something new. Participants are also given mirrors as obstacles. Sometimes the mirrors may be distorted because of different curves, convex, or concave in the glass to give the participants unusual and confusing reflections of themselves, some humorous and others thrilling.

What else will 2021 bring us?

The New Year started with two traveling Fun Houses in the engineering stage, both for the European Market:

For the young, but already expert showman Martin Meijer Jr., we are working on “Après Ski Party”. The “Après Ski Party” is a 4 level Fun House with unique tricks inside, themed to be functional in summer and in winter time. A special and unique feature will be a double toboggan to give it a really impressive look but more importantly to increase the capacity of the ride itself. The complete fun house will be loaded on 2 semitrailers. The main semitrailer of 16 mt long with 3 axles, and one loading trailer, for its special slide. The ride will be Tüv-Süd approved.

The second fun house will be built for the Wilmot family in Ireland, a well known family of showmen, that also own an Amusement park and 2 traveling Wheels. We are building a 3 level fun house. With a fantastic and wonderful Alpine Hotel theme. The main structure will be loaded on the main 16mt long semitrailer.

At Gibsonton fair we will present a new and innovative 2 level Fun house studied to be compact and easy to install and transport on a regular semitrailer size. A special one, supplied with Fair dimensions: 14 m (L) x 6 m (W) x 6.5 m (H) without giving up the most popular features like the toboggan, rotating barrel and rotating carpet.

Come and visit us at the show.

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