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You can say it out loud when we talk about Liseberg Park.

Underlandet: this is the name of the Dark Ride in the Gothenburg park, a more than appropriate description given that the theme of the attraction is underground, in the whimsical world of the park’s green bunnies and mascots.

An unique experience, a moment to spend with family or a group of friends and an original way to visit a completely unknown part of Kaninlandet since people have never set foot here before, whereas rabbits have always been busy pushing carrots to the surface using every trick and working hard in their underground world.

What led Liseberg to win this important award?

Before starting the building phase of the dark ride the Liseberg team organized a day of meetings at the park with all the companies involved in the project, where everyone had the chance to present themselves and where we were able to bring together the specific products of each company involved in the project.

This was really helpful for everyone, firstly to solve some problems with the technology communication but most all to create a direct line with the supplier, to be used to resolve all kinds of doubts instantly, making collaboration become much easier.

The whole team was made up of really high level professionals who were extremely serious and precise in what they were doing.

It was definitely collaboration that made this vintage but timeless Dark Ride (not many of these rides are being built today) win such an important award.

Yes, it is an old-fashioned Dark Ride, that even without any VR effects, will always maintain its evergreen magic.

The collaboration.

The story, theme and design for “Underlandet” were developed by Liseberg together with their long time collaborator David Schofield of Quarry Fold Studio in England.

Production design and installation were carried out by P&P Projects, the animatronics were made by LifeFormations, and sound, lights and show control by Bentin Projects.

It was really a great experience where a lot of companies worked together with a single goal:  creating a  really memorable Dark Ride.

Before production all the suppliers visited Gosetto and some of them came back again during the building and later testing phases of the ride before delivery.

Thorough testing of a ride is an essential procedure which has become our standard and for this purpose we have created a practice path with both up and downhill sections and which incorporates the space for the installation of the rotating barrel and some of the bandings.

What about technical data?

A ride system with 18 cars and 202 meters of track on 2 levels, maximum capacity 850 people per hour in 4 minutes and 20 seconds where the vehicles turn and also change speed at certain moments in the ride (average is 3km/h).

In Underlandet it was not necessary to integrate the interactive system as done past Dark Rides  because it is all absolutely perfect just as it is!

A great experience!

Teamwork is essential nowadays, in particular with such a customized ride as the Dark Ride and Fun House turned out to be, where all the smaller details had to fit together.

We were really enthusiastic about creating this dark ride and unluckily COVID forced the postponement of the opening event.

But finally this year, they have opened and we are staring to see all the good social reactions to this ride, ending with the award at the IAAPA Europa Barcelona.

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